Monday, January 3, 2005

How to download "Google Hacks" oreilly ebook: irony

It's quite simple: google for "hydracefallus". It's a unique, misspelled word that only seems to appear in that book(and now in this blog). Obviously, downloading that book without paying is illegal, yet it's ironic that "Google Hacks" teaches just that kind of tricks.

Many would agree that book should be also labeled "how to find pirated or innocently stored oreilly books on the web".



  1. Original comment from: Tones

    You can find many books on the web just by typing any relevant sets of keywords along with ext:chm or ext:pdf. This has been common knowledge among good searchers LONG before Tara and Rael wrote "Google Hacks."

  2. Indeed, as "Fravia's Search Lore" and the red orc has spread around, too, ages ago.