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Python + Eclipse in Ubuntu

Nov 25, 2005

Upgrade to at least Ubuntu 5.10 (Breezy), then

# apt-get install java-gcj-compat eclipse-pde-gcj eclipse-jdt-gcj
Then, based on the PyDev FAQ:

* Run eclipse, as root for the first time to install PyDEV: sudo eclispe
* Set default workspace where you want it.
* Close Welcome splash pane.
* Select Resource perspective: Window\Open Perspective\Other…\Select Perspective\Resource.
* Click OK.
* Select Window\Preferences\PyDev\Interpreter - Python.
* Click top New… button and enter Python path, e.g., /usr/bin/python24
* Click OK.
* Click File\New\Project…
* Select Simple\Project Wizard
* Click Next.
* Enter Project Name, e.g. SimpleProj1.
* Click Finish.
* Click File\New…\File.
* Enter File Name, e.g. Py1.py.
* Click Finish.
* Right-click SimpleProj1 in Navigator pane and select Properties.
* Click top pane “Add source folder” button.
* /SimpleProj1 should already be selected. Click OK.
* Click top pane “Add source folder” button.
* Add path to source folder on disk, e.g., /home/user/workspace/pyproject
* Click OK.
* Add some Python code to Py1.py: print ‘Hello world!’
* Save.
* Right-click on Py1.py in Navigator pane.
* Select Run as\Python run.
* A console window should appear showing output from the Python program.